Namaskara  !

Let me start by telling you all how I named  my blog “Chaashni”. As you all might know, it means “Sugar Syrup” in Kannada and Hindi….. I sat down to christen my blog and tried out various names. Didn’t know it was so hard to choose a name for  a blog and that too when the theme is so simple…. Cooking and Cuisines….

Amidst the confusion in my mind to search for a name for the blog, somewhere in the corner of my mind I was humming the song “Maeri” by Euphoria…..Haa there i got the name for my blog “Chaashni” !

The purpose to post this blog is simple. I love cooking and would like to share the recipes that I have collected and I know and that I have learnt. Some of them are my “brainchild”   ….. 🙂 And some recipes good, old and improvised ……

I will not be just providing the ingredients and method for each recipe but also I will be sharing the secret ingredients that might go into each recipe. Methods to enhance the flavour of a dish and sometimes the history behind the invention of these recipes. I try the recipes before posting them on the blog. Pictures of each dish; I intend to post them soon…. So, Pictures , Coming Soon 🙂 (Not the Talkies)

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  1. I liked the page colour and fonts. it reminds me of something traditional.I can’t recall what it is.

    what do you mean by providing the ingredients ? :):)

    I will show this blog to my mother.

    • Thank You 🙂
      and thank god !! Blogging is virtual…..I literally do not have to provide the ingredients 😛

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