Matthew Hayden – The Chef

Namaskara !

Those who love cricket (almost everyone in India) would know Mat Hayden ( a.k.a “Haydos”) as an explosive opener for Australian Cricket and now Chennai Super Kings in IPL. And also as a big controversy man and  one who hits big sixes out of the ground and one who demolished the Zimbabwe bowling line up by hitting 380 and as the one who sledges and also the one who uses the “Mongoose Bat”  (MMi3).

But little do we all know that he is a great connoisseur  of food. He started cooking because “he was always hungry”…. 🙂 🙂 Amazing !! The “hungry Wolf” cooking…

He was inspired to cook by observing his grandma. He talked about how farming in one’s own backyard makes one love food and cooking even more.

The most striking thing of what he told was about “fusion” of various cuisines; Indian , Italian and of course Australian… Haydos simply loves Indian spices (turmeric,pepper) and the influence of coconut in South Indian cuisines. Watch more of Haydos here… Toss it up !

“The foodie” on “Times Now” with Kunal Vijaykar and Haydos !

Keep cooking, keep eating and watch cricket :)…

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