Amma, Aayi and Ajji

Namaskara !

This should have been the first post when I started to blog. Amma, Aayi and Ajji; these are the people to whom I owe a lot. Observing them cook  fueled  my cooking interests !

Amma, she’s one who i observe daily while cooking. The way she manages time, cook with available ingredients, cook excellent recipes and turn the leftovers to tasty ones. She brings in new dimensions to cooking. Even as i type this post, Amma says how she has learnt from her amma (My Ajji). Wow she is an excellent cook too !

Ajji’s mudde palya (will be posting this later)…Slurrrppppy 🙂 Mouth watering.

Aayi (Disha’s maternal grandma), I first saw her cook very early in my “Learning to cook” days. She’s just an amazing cook. I have learnt so so so many things from her. The way she cooks, the recipes she cooks and traditional ones are simply the best.

I will definitely post recipes courtesy this trio. Firstly I would like to take a bow for these three wonderful cooks. Hats off and thanks a lot, Amma, Aayi and Ajji !

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  1. Amma, ajji, aayi -yelrana nodi kalte anta andri… Why dont you tell us the list atleast of the dishes which they are specialised in?

    Innond vishya, avravru avravra areadalli super aagirtaare… Namma ajji maadkondu tartidda attrasa,manora( sweets hesru ) -da taste inyaaru maadidru baralla…!!!

    Good to read these!! Nostalgic for me !!!

    • Dishes in which they are specialised ! Well nimge gothiro haage yeshtondu dishes iratte…
      So aa dish bagge post maad daga courtesy yaardu anta heltini… 🙂
      Definitely not comparing all ajjis and ammas here…..Just being thankful to them ..
      But good to know that you did feel nostalgic !!

  2. […] a little emotional after posting about Amma, Aayi and Ajji. Here’s the first of  the recipes I have learnt from amma. Puthani Unde, i guess most of you […]

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