Were you all wondering I had gone into hibernation in this hot weather. Nope… Was busy giving a makeover to the house  and no internet connection 😛 … Well let me go straight ahead and post a new recipe.

Today’s edition of The Hindu, 6th of June 2010 there is an article about the ever humble potato “Article: Ode to the humble potato”. So today’s blog will also have  this spud  as the main ingredient.

Let’s go ahead and see how “Soosla” is made. But first let me tell you what “Soosla” is… Soosla is a staple breakfast of North Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is called “Poha” in Marathi and “Avalakki Uppittu” in Southern parts of Karnataka. So Aloo Poha it is for a late Sunday breakfast.

Ingredients: Serves for 4

  1. Rice Flakes – Avalakki – Medium – 2 Cups
  2. Potato – Boiled and Cut into Small pieces – Medium – 1
  3. Onions – Large  – 1/2 ” slices – 1
  4. Green Chillies – Long -2
  5. Curry leaves – 12-15
  6. Groundnuts – 1/2 Cup
  7. Urad Dal – 1Tsp
  8. Turmeric – 1/2 Tsp
  9. Salt – To taste
  10. Coconut – Scraped – 1/2 Cup
  11. Lemon Juice – 1Tbsp
  12. Coriander Leaves – Chopped Finely – 1 Tbsp
  13. Mustard Seeds – 1Tsp
  14. Hing – Asafoetida – a Pinch
  15. Oil – 2 Tbsp


  1. Wash the rice flakes in running water. Drain and keep aside.
  2. Heat oil. Add mustard. Let it splutter.
  3. Add groundnuts, urad dal, hing. Saute till groundnuts turn crunchy and urad dal slightly golden brown.
  4. Drop in the curry leaves, green chillies and saute for one minute.
  5. Add the onions. Saute till onions turn pink and transparent.
  6. Add the turmeric
  7. Add the potato pieces. Mix well without breaking the potato pieces.
  8. Add salt. Add the soaked rice flakes. Mix well.
  9. Pour the lemon juice in and add the scraped coconut. Mix well.
  10. Finish the poha with coriander leaves on top.

To serve:

  1. Serve hot and just enjoy this for breakfast.

Culinary secrets:

  1. Add a pinch of sugar on top. Gives a nice tinge of sweetness to the potatoes and soosla.
  2. Throw away the water in which potato is boiled. Try to boil the potato pieces and not the whole potato. This way the starch gets washed away.
  3. Soosla can be made with a lot of variations too. You could add vegetables or make it without onions on a festival day. Very light on the stomach.

Potato Factfile:

  1. A humble tuber (stem).
  2. Apart from starch, it is made of carotenoids and polyphenols and is a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium.
  3. It also provides ” Glucose Tolerance”. Overall a good source of energy this “Spud”.
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